The National Urban Squash & Education Association (NUSEA –www.NationalUrbanSquash.org) was founded in 2005 to help urban squash organizations around the country formally share knowledge and learn from one another on a national level. NUSEA oversees the creation, development and improvement of urban squash programs that help young people from underserved communitiesbenefit from the life changing opportunities that urban squash can provide.

NUSEA has 23 member programs in cities across the country and world that enroll more than 2,000 students.  Located in Baltimore, Boston, the Bronx, Harlem, Newark, New Haven, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Oakland, Hartford, and Wilmington, these nonprofit organizations provide intensive after-school, weekend and summer programming that include academics, squash, mentoring, community service, college placement and more. Seattle Urban Squash is affiliated with NUSEA, but must grow further to enjoy the privileges of full membership.